Team Georgia Fly Fishing  

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Team Roster and Biographies

Team Georgia wouldn't even exist if it was not for the members. Each one brings a unique set of skills that strengthens the overall team. Though they come from many walks of life, the bonds of comradery and love for fly fishing create a closely knit unit. 

Chris Abellana

I grew up in a small South Ga. town called Montezuma, where I have been fishing and hunting since I
was a child. It was this love for the outdoors that still feeds my passion for fishing. I have been fly fishing
since the late 1990’s, where one of my fondest memories was with NGTO Founder, Aaron Sago and
buddy, Mark Ellis on the Tuckaseegee River in North Carolina. In short, I had an amazing time, and I
went from bass and crappie fisherman to a full-on trout fisherman.
I am a father of three daughters and a husband of 17 years, and it is with their patience that I get to feed
my obsession of fly fishing. Even my 9-year- old is hooked, where on her first trip to the Hooch, she
landed 18 fish! She even knows how to tie her own flies. It’s that kind of legacy that I hope to leave – a
love of the outdoors, regardless if it’s hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, etc.

Stuart Schmidtke

Stuart Schmidtke is 29 years old, married living in Smyrna, GA. Originally from Birmingham, AL and went to college at Auburn University. He is a construction project manager working on healthcare projects all over Georgia.  Stuart has been fishing his whole life, and has been fly fishing for almost 4 years. He learned to fly fish catching bass and bream out in Texas, and when he moved to Atlanta.  He caught the trout bug when exploring the mountains of Georgia and North Carolina. He believes (as we all do) that fly fishing is therapeutic  and yet the same time it is difficult enough to be a challenge and teach him something new every time  he steps out into the river

Mike Slay

Currently  in Suwanee, Georgia and recently retired from working as a Federal Probation Officer for more than 20 years.  I have been fly fishing since 2001 and began after my wife bought me a fly rod and video.  Began Euro nymphing with a sighter after George Daniel published the book "Dynamic Nymphing." Shortly, thereafter I began competitive fly fishing and have participated in numerous events since.  Most notable was a first place finish in a Nantahala mini competition in March of 2013.  Been with Team Georgia since it's inception. Currently serve in the position as Secretary.

Ricardo Myer

I am Ricardo Myer and bring years of experience and knowledge to Team Georgia.  I own (well they own me) 32 cats.  When I am not needlessly laying around playing with my cats I enjoy Fly Fishing for more Solidarity.  I really do not like people.  I have traveled the world and have rode horses on beaches of 8 countries (FAVORITE ACTIVITY ON VACATIONS).  My favorite flies to tie and fish are the MOP Fly, Y2K's, San Juans, Salmon Eggs and flashy stuff.  Stockers are my best friends during Competitions.

Joe Rose 

Joe brings 30 years of fishing experience to the team.  18 of which have been spent fly fishing.  He enjoys warm water, cold water and salt water fisheries.  You will be hard fetched to see him out with any rod other than a fly rod.  He has traveled as far south as 6 miles from Cuba chasing marlin as far north as Quebec and as far west as Baja California Sur fishing.  He have fished California, Colorado, Utah, Navada, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, New Jersey and New York.  When he lived near the coast he kept a boat near Tybee Island, Georgia where he threw flies for Sea Trout and Reds.  A valued member of Team Georgia Fly Fishing for 1.5 years as our Media Coordinator.  He continues to learn and teach the sport of fly fishing whenever given the opportunity.  When He is not on the water you can find him tying flies, doing marketing for Soaring Eagle Outfitters/Ballistic Bugs or spending time with my family and dogs ( 3 American Bulldogs).  For more information on North Georgia Fishing from Joe CLICK HERE.

Jennifer Rose

I began fishing as a young child and began fly fishing in 2012 when I met my husband, Joe.  I was hooked!  While nothing quite beats the thrill of landing a big fish, I most enjoy hiking through the mountains in pursuit of small brookies. I love being outdoors.  In addition to fishing, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and deer hunting. To fund my fly fishing habit…oops, I mean hobby…I enjoy my work as a pipeline safety professional.  When I’m not working or fishing, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our 3 dogs (4-legged children) at our Lilburn home or in the north Georgia mountains.  

Chris Cristallo

Chris Cristallo is an avid outdoorsman and fisherman who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Liz, and dog, Frenchie. Chris is originally from the Northeast, where he grew up reasonably close to the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.

As long as Chris can remember, fishing has been a major part of his life.  Growing up in New York, Chris started fishing for largemouth bass in his local ponds and streams but found his true passion during his family’s annual summer vacations in New Hampshire.  Deep in the White Mountain National Forest, Chris and his brother, Gregory, discovered a true and elusive treasure - catching trout on the fly. From that point forward, Chris was a dedicated fly-fisherman. Chris continued to hone his fishing tactics and eventually made his way down to Atlanta, Georgia to go to graduate school. If you’re ever looking for Chris, if he’s not at work it’s likely that he’s on the Chattahoochee River chasing some big brown trout.

Richard Carbon

Richard Carbon is 29 years old, born and raised right here in Georgia and currently resides in Stone Mountain, Ga. He graduated from DeVry University Decatur with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering technology in 2011. After graduating he began his career at Norfolk Southern Railroad, where he is currently a C&S Coordinator in the engineering department. Richard has been fishing since he was 2 years old in small ponds and reservoirs for bass, crappie, bluegill, and stripers but that all changed in 2015 when he began pursuing trout. He had been passing by the Chattahoochee River for years and not fishing it much, then he saw an episode of O’Neill Outside titled “Chattahoochee Trout“ and that episode is what started his journey to trout fishing. He began trout fishing by casting rapala crankbaits and inline spinners for trout at Jones Bridge Park, but after seeing some local fly fishermen pull fish after fish out of the Chattahoochee River on a regular he decided to try his hand at fly-fishing. He bought his first fly rod in September 2016, another in November 2016, and began tying his own flies in December 2016 and he was hooked ever since.

Thomas Perrie

I’m a Georgia native and have been fishing for as long as I can remember.  I received my first fly rod at 10 or 11 and all I wanted to do at summer camp was fish and I was the only camper to receive a key to the fishing shack.  I think the counselors got tired of me asking for it when we had free time.  I focused on bass fishing until a couple of years ago when I transitioned back in to fly fishing and now I’m probably about 95% fly fish angling only.  I joined team Georgia in an effort to continue my growth as an angler.  Maybe that’s what is so alluring to me.  There is no end to what you can learn and no end to the challenges that you can overcome.  It’s a puzzle that builds on itself with no end in sight.  My home water is the Chattahoochee, but I’ve spent a good amount of time in North Georgia and North Carolina.  One of my favorite lines I’ve ever read about fishing was the end of the poem, Testament of a Fisherman, by John Voelker.  He stated when referencing why he fishes, “and finally, not because I regard fishing as being so terribly important but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant – and not nearly so much fun.” @salmo_truttas

Matt Dorsey

I am Matt Dorsey. I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in Habersham County Georgia. My first fly rod was purchased for me by my dad at age nine. With that being said, my first picture holding a fish is at age ten. I have competitively fly fished for four, going on five years now. The Soque river has been my native stream since I can remember. I have been guiding for Fern Valley on the Soque for a while now. The Soque River is where I have always felt most comfortable. Fly fishing has always been a passion of mine and I plan to continue out my fly fishing career and hope to see you guys on the river with Team Georgia.

-Tight lines, Matt Dorsey

Zach Harbin

Growing up, I have always either had a gun or a reel in my hand. I'm an outdoorsman to say the least. Currently residing in Forsyth County, my home waters would be considered the Chattahoochee River below Buford Dam. During the summer months, I love traveling to North Carolina to fish some of their waters. I will say my favorite thing to do is chase blue line brook trout in the North Georgia mountains. It's really hard to beat doing that. I have been fly fishing for approximately 5 years and in the year 2020 will be my first full year fly fishing competitively. My greatest memory as a competitive angler would be winning the big fish award for the 2019 SEFFL championship. The fish was a 64 cm rainbow trout. I have already grown as an angler so much by attending and fishing in the SEFFL and look forward to helping Team Georgia make a strong push for the SEFFL championship in 2020.

David Reeves

I grew up hunting and bass fishing.  I have been married for 22 years and have 2 daughters in college.  A graduate of Auburn University I help run a construction company.  A wounded veteran my first attempt at fly fishing came four years ago and I was instantly hopelessly addicted.  During the week I can often be found on the Chattahoochee tailwater and most Saturdays involve standing in a stream in either the North Georgia mountains or western North Carolina.  I fish for the therapy it provides along with the challenge.

Erik Clymore

I am a trout bum through and through.  I just spent the summer traveling the East from Georgia to New York hitting every farm pond I could in search of the elusive 5lb Sunfish.  When I am not on the water you will find me tying Mop Flies, Squirmies and Eggs for Ricardo and feeding said sunfish to his many many cats.

Favorite Rod:  Masternymph 10'6 3 weight

Favorite Fly  :  Bread

Favorite Species to go after:  Sunfish with my Masternymph